If you haven't went to "The Good News" Page yet, it is most important that you please take a few minutes to go on that page first and watch the videos & read the content to make sure to get a clear understanding of the message of Jesus, & then come back to this page.

Other Important Steps to Take

1. HOLY BIBLE: Please Get a Holy Bible & Start to Read it (Try to read a bit every day, this will help you start to grow), Begin with the book of Matthew in the Bible, and the key is to pray and ask God before you start reading it to help you understand it & He will highlight and give you understanding on what He wants you to understand each time you read, then when you read it, start to apply & put to action what it says in your life.

For example in the Holy Bible - Book of Matthew Chapter 7, verse 12, Jesus Christ states: "Therefore, all things whatever you would like others to do to you, even so to them... (so in other words, if you wouldn't like someone lying to you, don't lie to others, if you don't like some gossiping behind your back, don't gossip about others behind their back, if you would want someone stealing from you, don't steal from them etc...) So then start to obey by putting word's of the Bible to action. Begin To Read The Book Of Matthew in The Bible.


2. PRAYER: Prayer is basically talking to God, so start to talk to God daily in prayer, but not just to ask Him for things, but to also acknowledge and thank Him & tell Him what you are grateful for. Remember He desires to have a relationship with you, not just to serve Him only, you are now His child, not just a slave or servant.


3. CHURCH: Find a Christian Church in your area, because this will help you grow in your faith & journey with God.

Watch This Important Message To Truly Understand What has fully Happened Now That You Have Chosen To Follow Jesus & Are Christian & The Right Attitude & Prospective To Have in Walking This Awesome Journey with Jesus

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